God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Lessons on the Eldership, Vol. 1 & 2

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Catalog No 15-077-001 & 15-078-001
Author Watchman Nee & Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

This two-volume publication, Lessons on the Eldership, is composed of outlines and excerpts compiled from the ministry of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. They are intended to be used by mature workers for the training of the elders and responsible brothers among the churches in the hope that these brothers will be perfected to labor fruitfully in the carrying out of God's economy for the fulfillment of His purpose through the churches.

Brother Lee was deeply burdened that the elders would be trained and perfected and that they would in turn train and perfect others. In February 1984 he gathered together leading brothers from six continents for a two-week elders’ training. The messages released during that time were published as the first four books of the series entitled Elders’ Training. Over time Brother Lee held additional elders’ trainings and eventually published a total of eleven Elders’ Training books. The messages in those eleven books focus on the central line of God’s economy and the intrinsic essence of the New Testament ministry, which is for the carrying out of God’s economy. Therefore, in reading, studying, and praying over the lessons in these two volumes, it is crucial that the vision of this central line be ever before us.

May the Lord raise up the proper elders to oversee and shepherd the churches of God.

This two-volume have seventy-eight lessons in twelve sections and an Appendix:
Section One: The Office of the Eldership
Section Two: The Qualifications of the Eldership
Section Three: The Person of the Elders
Section Four: The Knowledge of the Elders
Section Five: The Coordination of the Elders
Section Six: The Administration of the Elders
Section Seven: Knowing the Body
Section Eight: Holding to Truth
Section Nine: Practicing the God-ordained Way
Section Ten: The Elders’ Contact with People
Section Eleven: Dealing with Problems in the Eldership and in the Church
Section Twelve: Handling Various Matters
An Appendix: Relationships in the Church

Author Watchman Nee & Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No15-077-001 & 15-078-001
ISBN9780736383813 & 9780736383820
Language English