God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Truth Lessons, Level 3 (4 volume set)

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Catalog No 15-075-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

TRUTH LESSONS were compiled for the saints to be educated in the Truth together. There are four levels: Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Level Four, with each level being progressively deeper than the previous one. Each level consists of four volumes, and each volume will contain twelve lessons respectively. Thus, there will be a total of forty-eight lessons in one year.

The contents of Level Three, Volume 1
Lesson 1: The Light, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Lesson 2: Adam and Eve
Lesson 3: The Sacrificial Skins, the Sacrifices, the Burnt Offerings, and the Seed of Woman
Lesson 4: The Ark and the Good Land
Lesson 5: Melchizedek
Lesson 6: Sarah and Hagar
Lesson 7: The Ram Provided by God
Lesson 8: Isaac and Rebekah
Lesson 9: The Ladder Set Up on the Earth and Reaching to Heaven and Bethel
Lesson 10: Joseph
Lesson 11: The Lion of Judah and Shiloh
Lesson 12: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with Joseph
Lesson 13: Moses
Lesson 14: The Passover, the Crossing of the Red Sea, and the Exodus from Egypt
Lesson 15: The Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire
Lesson 16: The Tree That Made the Bitter Waters Sweet, Twelve Springs of Water, Seventy Palm Trees, the Manna, the Rock, and the Living Water
Lesson 17: Moses Interceding on the Mountaintop and Joshua Fighting at the Mountain Foot
Lesson 18: The Tabernacle
Lesson 19: The Furniture outside and inside the Tabernacle
Lesson 20: The Holy Anointing Oil and the Holy Incense

Level Three, Volume 2
Lesson 21: The Offerings
Lesson 22: Aaron and His Sons
Lesson 23: The High Priest’s Ephod and Robe
Lesson 24: Animals That Are Clean for Eating
Lesson 25: Human Uncleanness—Human Birth, Leprosy, and Discharges
Lesson 26: The Cleansing of the Leper, the Leprous Garment, and the Leprous House
Lesson 27: The Expiation
Lesson 28: The Sabbath, the Holy Feasts, the Sabbath Year, and the Year of Jubilee
Lesson 29: The History of the Chosen Race of Israel—Wandering, Falling Dead, Crossing the Jordan River, Entering into Canaan, Being Taken into Captivity, and Returning
Lesson 30: Priests, Nazarites, Kings, Prophets, and Shepherds
Lesson 31: The Fringes, the Water for Impurity, and the Cities of Refuge
Lesson 32: The Bronze Serpent, the One Hanging on a Tree, the Hind of the Dawn, and the Bridegroom and the Bride
Lesson 33: The Crossing of the Jordan River
Lesson 34: Ruth and Boaz
Lesson 35: The Ark Separated from the Tabernacle
Lesson 36: The Temple
Lesson 37: The Shoot of Jehovah, the Shoot of David, a Sprout Coming Forth from the Stump of Jesse, a Branch from Jesse’s Roots, the Root of Jesse, a Tender Plant Growing Up before Jehovah and a Root out of Dry Ground, the Fruit, and a Green Fir Tree
Lesson 38: The Two Olive Trees
Lesson 39: The Living Stone, the Rock, the Foundation Stone, the Cornerstone, the Topstone, the Rock of Stumbling, and the Smiting Stone
Lesson 40: The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

Level Three, Volume 3
Lesson 41-42: The Continuous Experience of God’s Redemption (1-2)
Lesson 43-52: The Experience and Enjoyment of the Dispensing of the Divine Trinity in the Divine Transformation for the Divine Conformation (1-10)

Level Three, Volume 4
Lesson 53-64: The Corporate Experience of the Dispensing of the Divine Trinity (1-12)

Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No15-075-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English