God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Perfecting Training

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This book is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee from February 1980 through May 1982 in Anaheim, California.


  1. An Opening Word to the Perfecting Training
  2. The Damage of Opinion (1)
  3. The Damage of Opinion (2)
  4. How to Deal with Opinion in the Church Life
  5. Killing Opinion by the Vision of Christ
  6. A Dominating Factor to Deal with Opinion
  7. How to Peel Off Self for the Dealing with Opinion
  8. Peculiarity—A Deeper Problem (1)
  9. Peculiarity—A Deeper Problem (2)
  10. The Hidden Frustration of Peculiarity
  11. Dealing with Peculiarity
  12. The Lacking of Living Christ for the Building Up of the Body
  13. Practicing to Live Christ
  14. A Habit to Live Christ
  15. Living Christ by Praying Unceasingly
  16. Living Christ by the Word and the Spirit
  17. Living Christ by Being Filled with the Word
  18. Our Habitual Living versus Living Christ
  19. Unloaded to Live Christ
  20. Being Active-passive to Live Christ
  21. Reduced to Live Christ
  22. Vessels Open to the Lord
  23. The Top Revelation of the Bible—The Body of Christ
  24. The Focal Point of Romans—The Body of Christ
  25. Sonship for the Body Life
  26. Presenting to God an Unemployed Body for the Body Life
  27. Putting to Death the Practices of the Body for the Body Life
  28. Christ in You Making a Distinction between the Body and the Spirit
  29. The Person and the Work of the Spirit in Romans Eight
  30. Two Spirits and Three Facts in Romans Eight
  31. Our Cooperation and God’s Operation in Romans Eight
  32. The Definition of the Law of Life and How It Works
  33. The Scientific Working of the Law of Life
  34. The Main Function of the Law of the Spirit of Life
  35. How to Be Released from the Law of Sin and of Death
  36. Having Our Being according to the Spirit
  37. Being according to Spirit by Minding the Things of the Spirit
  38. Practicing to Set the Mind on the Spirit
  39. Keeping the Mind Remaining on the Spirit
  40. Staying in the Mingled Spirit
  41. Six Questions concerning Romans 8:
  42. The Deeper Experience of Our Body Being Dead and Our Spirit Being Life
  43. The History of the Flesh and the Spirit in Romans 8:
  44. Living Christ by Remaining in the Spirit
  45. The Residing Spirit—The Ultimate Expression of the Triune God
  46. The Leading of the Spirit in Romans Eight
  47. Sons of God under the Leading of the Divine Life
  48. The Constituents of the Leading of the Spirit
  49. Knowing the Leading of the Spirit by Putting to Death the Practices of the Body
  50. Led by the Spirit by Enjoying His All-inclusive Indwelling
  51. How to Know the Genuine Leading by the Spirit
  52. A Daily Living under the Leading by the Spirit
  53. The Leading of the Spirit Being for Living Not for Doing
  54. The Genuine and Proper Living of the Sons of God
  55. The Triune God and Our Regenerated Human Spirit
  56. The Mysterious and Abstract Way of the Leading of the Spirit
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No15-045-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English