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Elders' Management of the Church, The

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Catalog No 15-052-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

God's plan and purpose are fulfilled through the church. The center of the church is the elders. This shows us the importance of the position of the elders. The management of the elders in a church is a matter that should not be underestimated. Due to my ignorance in the matter, I have served as a misguided elder for over twenty years. It was not until 1960 when I attended Brother Witness Lee's training that I heard for the first time the secret to the elders' management of the church. These lessons are the culmination of Brother Lee's many years of practical experience and involvement in church management based on biblical principles. The subjects covered are definite, detailed, and practical. They were first used by the church in Peitou, which studied these lessons twice in their service meetings and witnessed rich results. Last January, Hall One of the church in Taipei made mimeographed copies of notes of these meetings and studied them in the responsible brothers' meetings throughout all the districts. They left a deep impression on the brothers and brought about very much progress in their service and coordination.

Recently after Brother Chang Wu-cheng and I visited twenty-four local churches throughout the province, we felt that the study of the elders' management of the church is a desperate need of the churches today. I take the opportunity of the publishing of this book to encourage all my co-elders to study these lessons together with the responsible ones of their districts and to practice these lessons together. This will render great help to the management of the church, to the coordination of the elders and the deacons, and to the producing of useful people. By this, the Lord will gain a more open way among us. May the Lord accomplish this aspiration!


  1. The Knowledge of an Elder
  2. The Person of an Elder
  3. The Heart of an Elder
  4. The Character of an Elder
  5. The Knowledge of Authority
  6. How to Be an Authority
  7. The Discernment of the Elders
  8. The Coordination of the Elders
  9. The Knowledge concerning Boundaries
  10. The Fellowship of the Elders
  11. The Administration of the Elders (1)
  12. The Administration of the Elders (2)
  13. The Administration of the Elders (3)
  14. The Administration of the Elders (4)
  15. The Administration of the Elders (5)
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No15-052-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English