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Vision, Type, and Practice of the Building Up of the Church, The

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This section is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee in the service meetings of the church in Taipei, Taiwan, on November 10, 1958, through January 7, 1959. According to a report in Church News, Brother Lee gave a series of messages concerning the building of God in a conference for the island of Taiwan on October 26 through November 4, 1958. These messages were published in the book entitled The Building Work of God. Then in response to an invitation from the church in Taipei, he fellowshipped with the responsible saints concerning the relationship between building and service. There were sixteen service meetings. The eighth meeting involved fellowship concerning how to lead the young people and is included in the next section, entitled How to Lead the Young People, and the fourteenth meeting involved fellowship concerning the practice of preaching the gospel by the church. The fellowship given in this meeting is included in volume 1 as chapter 13 in the section entitled The Perfecting of the Saints and the Building Up of the House of God. The remaining fourteen meetings are included in this section. These messages were originally published in Chinese in The Ministry of the Word magazine in 1959 and 1960.


1. The Need of a Vision 
2. Building and Blessing
3. Building and Breaking (1) 
4. Building and Breaking (2) 
5. Building Up and the Manifestation of Functions 
6. Building Up in Love 
7. The Building Up of the Church and Eliminating Distinctions 
8. Building and Consecration 
9. Needing to Care for the Building Up of God’s House 
10. The Type of the Building of the Church as Seen in the Tabernacle (1) 
The Type of the Building of the Church as Seen in the Tabernacle (2) 
The Type of the Building of the Church as Seen in the Tabernacle (3) 
Experiencing Christ as Life for the Building 
The Building of Love

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