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Priesthood and God's Building, The

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Catalog No 08-926-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

This book is compiled from messages given by Witness Lee in 1961 in Taipei, Taiwan. In January Brother Lee spoke ten messages in a conference related to the building up of the church. These messages have been published in the book entitled The Vision of the Building of the Church. During this same period of time, he also had extensive fellowship with the co-workers. This fellowship has been published in the book entitled The Blueprint and the Ground for the Building Up of the Church. After his conference and fellowship with the co-workers, the church in Taipei actively devoted itself to matters related to the exercise and the practice of the building up of the church. The twenty-four messages in this book are a record of Brother Lee’s further leading in the church in Taipei in this regard. Messages 1 through 14 were originally published in The Ministry of the Word from February to August of 1961. Messages 15 through 24 were given in meetings for responsible ones in districts and small groups from March to September. These messages, which are being published for the first time, have been edited from audio recordings of these meetings.


  1. The Priests and Kings in Relation to God’s Building
  2. The Throne and the Living Water
  3. Prayer and Fellowship
  4. Praying to Blend in Spirit
  5. The Living Water of Life
  6. The Flowing of the River of Water of Life
  7. God in the Lamb Flowing Out as Life
  8. The Priesthood and the Kingship Issuing in the Building of the Church
  9. God’s Calling and the Priesthood
  10. Burning the Incense, Lighting the Lamps, and Singing
  11. Priestly Service and the Building of the Church
  12. Being Priests to Accomplish God’s Plan
  13. The Importance of the Priesthood
  14. The Way to Carry Out the Priestly Service
  15. The Building of God’s Dwelling Place and the Practice of the Priestly Ministry in the Church Meetings
  16. Living the Priestly Life by Exercising the Spirit to Sing and Pray
  17. Leading the Saints to Pray by Exercising the Spirit and Advancing in the Truth
  18. Exercising to Fellowship with the Lord and to Function
  19. Leading People to Pray and Serve in Spirit
  20. Building Up the Church in Spirit and Learning to Lead
  21. Pray-reading the Bible
  22. Pray-reading in Small Groups
  23. Enjoying Various Categories of the Words in the Bible
  24. Coordination in the Meetings
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No08-926-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English