God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Gospel Outlines

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Catalog No 11-002-401
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

Proclaiming the good news of the Gospel issues out of a love for people and out of an eagerness to give an answer concerning the hope which is in us. Genuine love depends on an intimate contact with our Savior God who desires all men to be saved, but answers concerning our hope depend upon preparation—upon being well versed in a variety of gospel topics.

In Gospel Outlines Witness Lee presents many clear and precious examples of the Gospel in the Bible. These passages are presented in outline form for easy comprehension and application. Part 1 consists of sixty messages from the Old Testament, Part 2 is comprised of one hundred fifty messages from the New Testament, and Part 3 contains eight additional groups of outlines organized according to special topics.



  1. Outlines 1-10

1. The Origin of the Universe—God
2. The Meaning of the Universe—God
3. The Center of the Universe—Man
4. The Evil One of the Universe—the Devil, Satan
5. The Tragedy of the Universe—the Fall of Man
6. The Glad Tidings of the Universe—the Gospel
7. The Savior of the Universe—Christ
8. The Relationship between God and Man
9. Life versus Good and Evil
10. “Where Are You?”—In a Lost Condition

  1. Outlines 11-20

11. “Where Are You?”—In Sins
12. “Where Are You?”—Under Condemnation
13. “Where Are You?”—Under Wrath
14. “Where Are You?”—In Death
15. “Where Are You?”—In Darkness
16. “Where Are You?”—In the Hand of Satan
17. Man’s Religion and God’s Saving Way
18. The Way to Escape Death
19. The Corruption of the World and the Deliverance of God
20. God’s Calling

  1. Outlines 21-30

21. The Judgment of Sodom
22. The Election of Grace
23. Man under the Power of Satan
24. Detained by Satan
25. The Passover
26. The Rock and the Living Water
27. The Law of Mount Sinai
28. Being Cleansed from Leprosy
29. Lifting Up the Brass Serpent
30. The Cities of Refuge

  1. Outlines 31-40

31. The Salvation of Rahab
32. Mephibosheth
33. How Long Will You Hesitate between Two Opinions?
34. The Healing of Naaman the Leper
35. The Redeemer
36. The Way to Obtain Peace and Blessing
37. Those Who Choose Another God
38. The Suffering upon the Cross
39. The Blessedness of Having Sins Forgiven
40. The Dreadfulness of Sin

  1. Outlines 41-50

41. Vanity, Vanity, Vanity
42. Though as Scarlet, White as Snow
43. The Wonderful Savior
44. Look unto God
45. Love So Excelling
46. The Savior Prepared by God
47. The Savior’s Bearing of Our Sins
48. There Is No Peace to the Wicked
49. Man’s Condition—Four Comparisons
50. Two Evils

  1. Outlines 51-60

51. When Will You Be Saved?—Do Not Delay
52. It Is Impossible for the Evil Nature to Be Changed
53. The Deceitfulness of the Heart
54. Two Ways
55. God Came as Man’s Righteousness—The Lord Our Righteousness
56. Turn, Turn; Why Will You Die?
57. God’s Saving Way
58. Thou Art Weighed in the Balances, and Art Found Wanting
59. Prepare to Meet Thy God
60. The Fountain of Cleansing


  1. Outlines 61-70

61. Jesus Is the Savior
62. Portrait of This Generation
63. Come to the Rest
64. Who Is Jesus?
65. The Value of the Soul
66. The Question of Questions
67. The Blood of the Covenant
68. The Effectiveness of the Lord’s Death
69. The Salvation of the Paralyzed Man
70. Jesus Came Not to Call the Righteous

  1. Outlines 71-80

71. The Parable of the Sower
72. The Salvation of the Demon-possessed Man
73. The Salvation of Two Difficult Cases
74. Sheep without a Shepherd
75. The Filthiness of the Heart
76. The Saving Faith (The Canaanite Woman)
77. The Blind Man Receives Sight
78. “Himself He Cannot Save”
79. The Dayspring of Mercy
80. Good Tidings of Great Joy

  1. Outlines 81-90

81. The Lord’s Gracious Words
82. The Salvation of Peter
83. The One Most Forgiven
84. Who Is My Neighbor?
85. Christ and the Judgment
86. A Foolish Man
87. The Warning to Repent
88. Men’s Excuses for Refusing Salvation
89. The Shepherd Finding the Lost Sheep
90. The Woman Seeking the Lost Coin

  1. Outlines 91-100

91. The Loving Father Receives the Prodigal Son—The First Contrast in Luke
92. The Rich Man and Lazarus—The Second Contrast in Luke
93. The Condemnation of the Self-righteous and the Justification of the Self-abased—The Third Contrast in Luke
94. Impossible with Men but Possible with God—The Fourth Contrast in Luke
95. Salvation of a Thief—The Fifth Contrast in Luke
96. The Word Became Flesh
97. The Result of Receiving the Lord
98. The Lamb of God
99. The First Sign—Water Changed into Wine
100. The Need of the High Class People

  1. Outlines 101-110

101. The Need of the Lower Class
102. The Need of the Weak
103. The Need of the Hungry
104. The Need of the Thirsty
105. The Need of the Sinner
106. The Need of the Blind
107. The Need of the Dead
108. God Loves the World
109. He That Believeth Is Not Condemned
110. He Who Believes Has Eternal Life

  1. Outlines 111-120

111. Passed out of Death into Life
112. He That Cometh Shall Not Be Cast Out
113. The Light of Life
114. Real Freedom
115. The Good Shepherd
116. The Lord Is the Door of the Sheep
117. Eternal Salvation
118. The Lord Is the Way
119. The Holy Spirit Convicts the World
120. The Blood and Water of the Cross

  1. Outlines 121-130

121. Christ’s Resurrection
122. What Shall We Do?
123. Repent and Be Converted
124. No Other Name Whereby We Must Be Saved
125. Repentant Heart and Redeeming Grace
126. The Salvation of the Eunuch
127. The Salvation of One Who Opposed the Lord
128. A Good Man Still Needs Salvation
129. Everyone Who Believes in Him Shall Receive Forgiveness of Sins
130. A Savior Who Forgives and Justifies

  1. Outlines 131-140

131. The Proof of God’s Existence
132. The Salvation of the Jailer
133. Believe in the Lord Jesus
134. An Unknown God
135. The Three Dispensations of God’s Dealing with Man
136. The Blessings of the Gospel
137. The Power of the Gospel
138. God May Be Known
139. The Ungodliness and Unrighteousness of Men
140. There Is None Righteous

  1. Outlines 141-150

141. All Have Sinned
142. Grace, Redemption, and Justification
143. The Propitiation-cover of God
144. Justified by Faith
145. Reward and Grace
146. The Blessedness of Forgiveness and Justification
147. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ
148. For Whom Did Christ Die?
149. Reconciled to God
150. The Entrance of Sin

  1. Outlines 151-160

151. Condemnation and Death by One Man, Justification and Life by One Man
152. Where Sin Abounded, Grace Has More Abounded
153. Sin Reigned
154. Grace Reigns through Righteousness
155. The Wages of Sin and the Gift of God
156. Inseparable Love
157. Believe in the Heart and Confess with the Mouth
158. Whosoever Calls upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved
159. The Word of the Cross
160. Christ Crucified

  1. Outlines 161-170

161. Jesus Is Lord
162. For What Did Christ Die?
163. The Sting of Death
164. “One Died for All”
165. The Sinless One Made Sin
166. The Sacrifice of Love
167. Christ Became a Curse for Us
168. Christ Has Set Us Free
169. Redemption by the Blood
170. Dead in Sins

  1. Outlines 171-180

171. The Surpassing Salvation
172. Saved by Grace
173. The Human Life Has No Hope
174. The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ
175. The Peace of the Cross
176. Separated and Alienated from God
177. Turning from Idols to God
178. “Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners”
179. There Is One God and One Mediator
180. “A Ransom for All”

  1. Outlines 181-190

181. God Manifested in the Flesh
182. “The Washing of Regeneration and Renewing of the Holy Spirit”
183. Jesus Tasted Death for Man
184. Jesus Is Able to Save to the Uttermost
185. Eternal Redemption
186. Without the Shedding of Blood, There Is No Forgiveness
187. The Purifying of the Conscience by the Blood
188. After Death the Judgment
189. A New and Living Way
190. The Necessity of Believing That God Is

  1. Outlines 191-200

191. Jesus Is Unchanging
192. The Precious Blood of Christ
193. Jesus Bore Our Sin
194. Dead unto Sins and Living unto Righteousness
195. The Righteous One Substituted for the Unrighteous Ones
196. The Lord’s Blood Cleanses Us from Sin
197. God’s Forgiveness and Cleansing
198. Jesus Is the Propitiation for Our Sins
199. God Is Light and God Is Love
200. He That Has the Son Has Life

  1. Outlines 201-210

201. Knowing That You Have Eternal Life
202. The Whole World Lieth in the Evil One
203. The Lamb That Was Slain
204. The Wrath of the Lamb
205. The Eternal Judgment
206. The Water of the Fountain of Life
207. The Torment of Hell
208. Who Shall Be in the Lake of Fire
209. The Pleasures of the New Jerusalem
210. Who Will Be in the New Jerusalem


Group One: Matters Related to Man

  1. Outlines 211-219

211. The Origin of Man
212. The Nature of Man
213. The Deeds of Man
214. The Need of Man
215. The Savior of Man
216. The Salvation of Man
217. The Way of Salvation for Man
218. The Proof of Man’s Salvation
219. After a Man Is Saved

Group Two: Matters Related to Sin

  1. Outlines 220-226

220. The Origin of Sin—Satan
221. The One Committing Sin—Adam
222. The One Who Condemns Sin—God
223. The One Who Redeems Us from Sin—Christ
224. The One Who Forgives Sin—God
225. The One Who Is Freed from Sin—The Believer
226. The One Who Bears Sin—Satan

Group Three: Main Points of the Gospel

  1. Outlines 227-234

227. God
228. The Devil
229. Man
230. Sin
231. The Savior
232. Redemption
233. Believing
234. Salvation

Group Four: Questions Encountered concerning the Gospel

  1. Outlines 235-241

235. God, the Devil, the Spirit of Man, and the Soul
236. Jesus Is God
237. Jesus Becoming Man
238. Jesus Bearing Sin
239. The Resurrection of Jesus
240. The Ascension of Jesus
241. The Coming Again of Jesus

Group Five: The Chain of Human Life

  1. Outlines 242-245

242. The First Link—Sin
243. The Second Link—Death
244. The Third Link—Judgment
245. The Fourth Link—Hell

Group Six: The Gospel of Life

  1. Outlines 246-252

246. The Condition of Man
247. The Way of God’s Salvation
248. The Savior of Life
249. What Is Life?
250. The Way for Man to Receive Life
251. The Assurance of Having Received This Life
252. The Proof of Having Received This Life

Group Seven: The Meaning of Life

  1. Outlines 253-258

253. The Superiority of Man
254. The Meaning of Man
255. The Need of Man
256. The Satisfaction of Man
257. The Real Life
258. How to Receive God and Manifest His Life

Group Eight: What Is the Christian Faith

  1. Outlines 259-266

259. God Is
260. God Has Written to Man
261. God Coming among Man
262. Man Is Sinful
263. The Way of God’s Salvation
264. God Wants Man to Receive His Way of Salvation
265. Saved by Believing
266. Salvation Results in Change

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Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No11-002-401
Dimension216mm X 141mm
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