God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Christ Being the Burden of the Gospel

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Catalog No 11-930-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

On September 20 through 25, 1959, the church in Taipei held a gospel conference in a rented stadium. During this conference six messages were given by Witness Lee, and over the course of the conference more than four thousand three hundred people filled out name cards to indicate that they had received the Lord. Three weeks prior to the conference the entire church gathered several times. During these service meetings Witness Lee gave messages to help the saints to be proper persons to preach the gospel. In the week following the gospel conference four additional meetings on the truth of the gospel were held.

The first section of this book, chapters 1 through 13, is composed of notes from various messages related to the gospel conference. Chapters 1 through 3 consist of fellowship given in preparation for the gospel conference, chapters 4 through 9 contain the six gospel messages spoken during the conference, and chapters 10 through 13 contain the messages given after the conference on the truth of the gospel. The second section of this book, chapters 14 through 28, is composed of a series of gospel messages and of messages on perfecting the believers. The dates of these messages are unknown. Based on references included in chapters 17 and 24, this series of messages was probably given in 1949 or 1950. Since the messages in the second section are similar in nature to those in the first section, they have been compiled and published together.


  1. The Gospel Being a Battle
  2. Christ Being the Burden of the Gospel
  3. The Preparation for the Preaching of the Gospel
  4. A Life of Vanity Turning into a Song
  5. The Sins of Human Life
  6. The Life of Man
  7. The Destination of Human Life
  8. God’s Wonderful Way of Salvation for Man (1)
  9. God’s Wonderful Way of Salvation for Man (2)
  10. Who Is Jesus?
  11. Jesus Being Our Savior
  12. The Way to Receive God’s Salvation
  13. Man’s Concepts Being Different from God’s Way of Salvation
  14. The Gospel of Peace
  15. The Spirit of the Gospel
  16. Does God Exist?
  17. Without God Everything Being Vain
  18. Sins
  19. Jesus Being God
  20. You Need Jesus
  21. God Contacting Man through His Speaking
  22. The Significance of Baptism
  23. Identification with Christ
  24. The Law of the Spirit of Life
  25. The Flowing Out of Life
  26. The Fellowship of Life
  27. Service according to Revelation
  28. The Service of the Church
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No11-930-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English