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生命与建造的启示 (25本) & 三一神的分赐以产生祂的住处 (25本)

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Catalog No 18122126
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

生命与建造的启示 A Revelation of Life and Building

According to the Bible, Christ is life itself, and the church is God’s spiritual building. In this Booklet compiled from Life-study of John, Witness Lee shows that the entire Bible is a book of life and building. He examines crucial verses in Genesis, the Gospel of John, and Revelation to demonstrate how the theme of life and building introduced in Genesis and consummated in Revelation is bridged by the record in John’s Gospel.

三一神的分赐以产生祂的住处 The Dispensing of the Triune God to Produce His Abode

Many Christians desire to go to heaven to dwell there with God in eternity, but the Scriptures reveal that God desires to come down to the earth to dwell with the believers in this age. In this Booklet compiled from Life-study of John, Witness Lee opens up the mysterious chapters of John 14 and 15, which unveil the Triune God’s dispensing of Himself into His believers for the producing of the church as the mutual abode of God and man.
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No18122126
Language Chinese / English