God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4
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(Tamil) Economy of God, The

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(Tamil) Economy of God, The / தேவனுடைய பொருளாட்சி

In 1927 Watchman Nee published his spiritual classic on Christian growth and progress, The Spiritual Man. In that book Nee presents the seemingly simple biblical truth that man is composed of three parts—spirit and soul and body—as a central and necessary revelation for believers to grow and make progress in their spiritual life.

In The Economy of God, Nee’s closest and most trusted co-worker, Witness Lee, builds upon this foundation in order to unveil the central revelation of the Bible—that God wants to impart Himself into man for His full expression in the church. This is God’s plan, God’s economy. In The Economy of God, Lee clearly reveals the move of the Divine Trinity according to His economy and gives believers practical ways to cooperate with Him for the fulfillment of His eternal plan. Step by step, Witness Lee shows how to deal with obstacles to spiritual growth so that Christ may fully make His home in our hearts, that we may be filled unto all the fullness of God.


  1. The Economy of the Triune God
  2. The All-sufficient Spirit
  3. The Residence of the Divine Spirit
  4. The Key to the Indwelling Spirit
  5. The Persons of God and the Parts of Man
  6. The Inward and the Hidden Parts
  7. The Function of the Inward and the Hidden Parts
  8. Dealing with the Heart and the Spirit
  9. Dealing with the Soul
  10. The Digging of Our Inward and Hidden Parts
  11. Discerning the Spirit from the Soul
  12. Man and the Two Trees
  13. The Cross and the Soul-life
  14. The Principle of the Cross
  15. The Principle of Resurrection
  16. The Riches of Resurrection
  17. The Fellowship of Life and the Sense of Life
  18. The Exercise of and Entrance into the Spirit
  19. The Hidden Christ in Our Spirit
  20. The Tripartite Man and the Church
  21. The Building of God’s Dwelling Place
  22. The Covering of God’s Building
  23. The Church—God Manifested in the Flesh
  24. The Vision of the Mark of God’s Economy

Author Witness Lee
Publisher Amana Literature Pvt. Ltd.
Format Paperback
Catalog No04-005-0T5
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language Tamil
Original LanguageEnglish