God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Sufficiency, Pursuit, and Learning of the Lord's Serving Ones, The

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Catalog No 14-923-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

This book is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee in Taipei in 1960. Chapters 1 through 7 were given in co-workers’ meetings from July through October. Chapters 8 and 9 were given on the last two days of a training held from October 1959 to April 2, 1960.


  1. Two Problems Facing the Lord’s Serving Ones— Being Discouraged and Being Proud
  2. Knowing Genuine Growth in Life and Seeing the Revelation of Christ and the Church
  3. The Sufficiency of the Lord’s Serving Ones Being in the Body
  4. Allowing God to Work in Us and Working according to the Spiritual Need
  5. The Overcoming and the Pursuing of the Lord’s Serving Ones
  6. The Ground and the Coordination of the Church and the Law of Revival
  7. The Learning of the Lord’s Serving Ones— Taking Christ as Life and Serving in the Church
  8. Touching the Bible (1)
  9. Touching the Bible (2)
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No14-923-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English