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Serving in Coordination and Washing in Love

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Catalog No 14-919-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry


This section is composed of messages concerning church service given by Brother Witness Lee in Taipei, Taiwan, from February through April 1967.


1.    Making Our Service Effective
2.    Washing in Love
3.    Coordination in the Holy Place
4.    Being Broken
5.    Handing Ourselves Over for Mutual Foot-washing
6.    The Way to Proceed in Our Work
7.    Five Aspects of Our Work
8.    The Three-dimensional Coordination of the Co-workers
9.    Coordination between the Co-workers and the Local Churches
10.  The Arrangement of the Co-workers' Service
11.  The Sisters' Service
12.  The Children's Work
13.  Raising Up Full-time Serving Ones
14.  Fellowship concerning the Work among the Students
15.  Having Fellowship through Financial Giving for the Work among the Students
16.  The Learning Needed for the Sisters in Their Service
17.  Exhibiting Christ in the Spirit
18.  Learning to Use Our Spirit, Practicing Pray-reading, and Having a Testimony in Our Living
19.  Growing in Life by Exercising the Spirit through Pray-reading
20.  Questions and Answers from a Meeting with Co-workers and Elders
21.  God's Ultimate Intention and Lessons for the Young People in the Service

Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No14-919-001
Language English
Original LanguageEnglish