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Ministry of God's Word, The

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Catalog No 14-013-001
Author Watchman Nee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

The Ministry of God’s Word contains eighteen lessons given by Watchman Nee to his co-workers in a training at Kuling between 1948 and 1949. The chapters are divided into four sections. The main subject is the ministers of God’s word and their ministry. The structure and divisions of the book are well organized, and the content is rich and unique. May the Lord bless the reader with the light and revelation contained in these pages.


Section One: The Minister

  1. Three Kinds of Ministers
  2. The Content of the Word and the Transmitting of the Word
  3. Paul’s Course and His Ministry
  4. The Highest Point in the Ministry of the Word

Section Two: The Word of God

  1. The Basis of the Word
  2. Interpretation by the Holy Spirit
  3. The Revelation of the Holy Spirit
  4. Christ as God’s Word
  5. Knowing God’s Word through Christ

Section Three: The Ministry

  1. The Basis of Ministry
  2. Revelation and Thoughts
  3. Burden and Word
  4. The Spirit’s Discipline and the Word
  5. The Word and Our Memory
  6. The Word and Our Feelings
  7. The Word and the Release of the Spirit
  8. A Few Things to Pay Attention To in Our Speaking

Section Four: The Audience

  1. The Audience of the Word
Author Watchman Nee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No14-013-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English