God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Messages for Building Up New Believers (3 volume set)

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Catalog No 07-078-001
Author Watchman Nee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

After Watchman Nee resumed his ministry in 1948, he fellowshipped several times with the brothers about the critical need to provide believers with a spiritual education. As a goal, he wanted to provide basic teachings to every brother and sister in the church so that they could have a solid foundation of the truth and express the same testimony among the churches. Messages for Building Up New Believers, Volumes 1—3, contains fifty-four lessons for new believers, which Watchman Nee released during his workers’ training in Kuling. These chapters are rich in content and all-inclusive in scope. The truths are basic and crucial. It was Watchman Nee’s intention that every local church use this material to build up its new believers, finishing all the lessons in the course of one year and then repeating the same lessons year after year. Four of the fifty-four lessons appear as appendices at the end of Volume 3. These four messages were delivered by Watchman Nee as part of the “New Believers” series at Kuling mountain but were later removed from the final, published version. We have chosen to include them as appendices. In addition to these four messages, Volume 1 begins with a message given by Watchman Nee at a co-workers’ meeting in July 1950 concerning the meeting for the building up of new believers. It covers the importance of this type of training, the main points to take care of, and some practical suggestions.


  1. Introduction: Concerning the Meeting for the Building Up of New Believers
  2. Chapter 1: Baptism
  3. Chapter 2: Terminating the Past
  4. Chapter 3: Consecration
  5. Chapter 4: Confession with the Mouth
  6. Chapter 5: Separation from the World
  7. Chapter 6: Joining the Church
  8. Chapter 7: The Laying On of Hands
  9. Chapter 8: Abolishing All Distinctions
  10. Chapter 9: Reading the Bible
  11. Chapter 10: Prayer
  12. Chapter 11: Early Rising
  13. Chapter 12: Meeting
  14. Chapter 13: Various Kinds of Meetings
  15. Chapter 14: The Lord’s Day
  16. Chapter 15: Hymn Singing
  17. Chapter 16: Praising
  18. Chapter 17: Bread-breaking
  19. Chapter 18: Witnessing
  20. Chapter 19: Leading Men to Christ
  21. Chapter 20: Household Salvation
  22. Chapter 21: If Anyone Sins
  23. Chapter 22: Confession and Recompense
  24. Chapter 23: Forgiveness and Restoration
  25. Chapter 24: Believers’ Reactions
  26. Chapter 25: Deliverance
  27. Chapter 26: Our Life
  28. Chapter 27: Seeking God’s Will
  29. Chapter 28: Managing One’s Finances
  30. Chapter 29: Occupation
  31. Chapter 30: Marriage
  32. Chapter 31: Choosing a Mate
  33. Chapter 32: Husband and Wife
  34. Chapter 33: Parents
  35. Chapter 34: Friends
  36. Chapter 35: Recreation
  37. Chapter 36: Words
  38. Chapter 37: Clothing and Food
  39. Chapter 38: Asceticism
  40. Chapter 39: Illness
  41. Chapter 40: Governmental Forgiveness
  42. Chapter 41: The Discipline of God
  43. Chapter 42: The Discipline of the Holy Spirit
  44. Chapter 43: Withstanding the Devil
  45. Chapter 44: Head Covering
  46. Chapter 45: The Pathway of the Church
  47. Chapter 46: Oneness
  48. Chapter 47: Loving the Brothers
  49. Chapter 48: The Priesthood
  50. Chapter 49: The Body of Christ
  51. Chapter 50: The Authority of the Church


  1. Appendix One: A Flexible Life
  2. Appendix Two: Expecting the Lord’s Return
  3. Appendix Three: Selling All
  4. Appendix Four: Identifying Heresies
Author Watchman Nee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No07-078-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English