God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Experience of Life, The

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Catalog No 07-009-401
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

According to the Bible our experience of Christ as life is both progressive and practical. In our experience, we must progress from being in Christ to abiding in Christ, and from Christ abiding in us to ultimately being full grown in Christ. In The Experience of Life, Witness Lee presents these and many more practical principles to guide our spiritual growth and development along the proper path to knowing Christ in a deeper and fuller way.


The First Stage—In Christ

  1. Regeneration

  2. Clearance of the Past

The Second Stage—Abiding in Christ

  1. Consecration

  2. Dealing with Sins

  3. Dealing with the World

  4. Dealing with the Conscience

  5. Obeying the Teaching of the Anointing

  6. Knowing the Will of God

The Third Stage—Christ Living in Me

  1. Dealing with the Flesh

  2. Dealing with Self

  3. Dealing with the Natural Constitution

  4. Accepting the Discipline of the Holy Spirit

  5. Dealing with the Spirit

  6. Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

The Fourth Stage—Christ's Full Growth in Us

  1. Knowing the Body

  2. Knowing the Ascension

  3. Reigning

  4. Spiritual Warfare

  5. Full of the Stature of Christ

Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No07-009-401
Dimension243mm X 160mm
Language English
Original LanguageChinese (Traditional)