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Wonderful Christ in the Canon of the New Testament, The

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Catalog No 06-015-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

These messages by Brother Witness Lee give us a picture of the wonderful person of Christ. The first eight messages were given in Houston, Texas. The next nine messages were given in Atlanta, Georgia, and the last seven messages were given in New York City, New York. They were originally published in The Stream, volumes 13 and 14, in May, August, November 1975 and February, May, August 1976.


  1. The Seed, the Root, the Branch, and the Fruit
  2. The All-inclusive Bread
  3. The Bridegroom Coming for the Bride
  4. The Producing of the Church
  5. A Sketch of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew
  6. The Kingdom of the Heavens
  7. The Preparation of the Bride
  8. The Dispensing of the Triune God for the Producing of the Church
  9. The Inauguration of Christ
  10. The Ascension of Christ for the Building of the Body
  11. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  12. Once for All
  13. The Proper Exercise of the Gifts
  14. The Indwelling Christ
  15. Taking Christ as Our Person
  16. The One New Man as the Body-Christ
  17. Transformation for the Building on the Proper Ground
  18. The Sevenfold Intensified Spirit
  19. The Harvest of the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit
  20. Eating Jesus for God’s Building
  21. The Light of Life
  22. Five Aspects of the Church
  23. The Consummation of God’s Building
  24. The Harvest of the Triune God
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Paperback
Catalog No06-015-001
Dimension216mm X 141mm
Language English