God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Satan's Strategy Against the Church

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Catalog No 18-016-001
Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry

God's heart desire is to work Christ into a people, to mingle Christ with these people, and to make these people a living Body to Christ. This is God's intention and purpose. After the resurrection and ascension of the Lord, God began this work, that here and there, in all the communities where human beings live, there may be a living expression of Christ. This is God's eternal purpose, and it is to be realized on this earth and in this age. If we are not preoccupied by anything else, this vision from the Scriptures must be clear to us. 

Immediately after God began this divine project, however, the enemy Satan intervened to frustrate and damage His plans. The church now has a history of nearly two thousand years. In all these years Satan has been exceedingly active in many things. This book will present to you the three categories of Satan's strategy against the church. 

Author Witness Lee
Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Format Booklet
Catalog No18-016-001
Dimension151mm X 93mm
Language English