God desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth — 1 Tim. 2:4

Beliefs and Practices of the Local Churches, The

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Because an increasing number of people, both Christians and non-Christians, are seeking information concerning the local churches, we have prepared this booklet as a basic introduction to our beliefs and practices. As children of the light, we are thankful for this opportunity to bear public testimony to what we believe, teach, and practice. We have many other publications available on various important Scripture subjects, including the experience of Christ, regeneration, transformation, the growth in life, the church, the kingdom, the Triune God, the purpose of God, and the human spirit. De- tailed studies of many books of the Bible are avail- able as well. We welcome all inquiries that spring from a sincere desire to know the truth.

We want it to be known by all that the Chris- tians in the local churches are absolute for the common faith and are the most orthodox of Christians. We have received the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. He is living in us as our life, and He is everything to us. We love Him, we serve Him, and we are seeking to bring many others to a living knowledge of Himself. We are meeting together in various localities simply as blood-washed, born-again, Spirit- filled Christians without any denominational affiliation, because we seek to give testimony to the unity of the Body of Christ. We welcome all true believers, and we seek fellowship with them as our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is our sincere and earnest desire that the Lord's testimony on this earth may be spread and greatly strengthened in order that His Bride may be prepared for His soon return. May the Lord honor and vindicate His own work on this earth in these days.

Our Belief
Our Standing
Our Mission
Our Hope
Concerning the Recovery
Concerning Salvation
Concerning the Christian Life
Concerning the Church Life
A Word of Testimony
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